Progression Counselling

About Me

I have had a very varied life; and my path has not always been a smooth one.


I first benefitted personally from counselling in my late 30’s when I was experiencing some challenging changes in my family relationships.


Having felt the benefit I have continued to access therapy whenever I have felt unsure of which way to turn or when I need to work something through and want an impartial ear to listen.


Counselling provides a space for me to reconnect with myself, to find my answers with a clarity that allows me to move forward making the best decisions for me.  


I can honestly say therapy helped me change my outlook on life for the better.


I retrained as a person centred counsellor because I wanted to be able to share the benefits I have experienced from counselling with others and I feel that my life experience combined with my training provides an empathetic and supportive service for my clients. It helps them to build a sound therapeutic relationship with me and by doing so reap their own benefits from their counselling.