Progression Counselling

Useful resources to help manage anxiety and panic

54321 Grounding technique


It is natural to sometimes feel some anxiety in life.


However when anxiety becomes a part of your daily life, or you feel that you are unable to control it and it is becoming panic and overwhelming you can benefit from practicing techniques to bring you back to a calm state.


This Grounding technique may seem simple. That is one of the benefits of it, when you practise it and become confortable with it, it can be very helpful in the anxious moments that you need it to restore you to a calmer, more grounded and present place.

Understanding & Tackling Procrastination

Procrastination arises from our unhelpful rules and assumptions about what we expect of ourselves and the world.

The reasons we put things off and procrastinate are often based in fear.

  • That we might get it wrong
  • We will look stupid
  • Other people will judge us
  • Worry about what will happen when we face the issue
  • That we are not good enough

So we develop distractions or we simply avoid the task or situation that is causing the discomfort. Then we get into a cycle of knowing we have to face it at somepoint so we are back where we started worrying about it but not taking any action. This can lead to a lot of negative self-talk.

But, the cycle can be broken.

Download this free resource that gives you tips on how to break the cycle and help you get things done